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2 Solutions In 1

MagnaSuite is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System that will elevate your business to greater success.

Identify Your Customers

With MagnaSuite, you can serve your customers better by knowing what they want from your product, potentially attracting new customers and exponentially boosting your sales.

Boost Your Performance

By integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI), you can get access to insights that aid in your business’ decision-making process.


You can monitor your business data easily and quickly adapt to sudden changes to your business needs.

Cost-efficient Solution

MagnaSuite helps in improving the business’ efficiency by introducing cost-effective business processes.

Have A Management System That Is…



All-in-One Solution with Added Communication Features

MagnaSuite allows you to manage your product, inventory, sales, finance, and human resources in one single system. Additionally, MagnaSuite includes communication features that allow you to create conference meetings, send message notifications, and post on a virtual bulletin board for online collaboration without the need of external applications.

Never stop your business with MagnaSuite. Enable your business to run even on a remote setup.

24/7 Secured Cloud Data

MagnaSuite uses Cloud Computing Technology allowing you to have access to your data anytime, anywhere through the Internet. Your data is protected through various layers of security which prevents potential data breaches from hackers.

We ensure that you are running your business safe and secure everyday.

Track your business anytime, anywhere

With MagnaSuite, you can view and manage your business data on-the-go using your mobile phone

  • Track your business online

  • Time and Cost-efficient for your business

  • Easy Access through Mobile
  • Video Conference for Remote Meetings

Let’s Work Together

MagnaSuite provides accurate and complete reporting. MagnaSuite also helps companies adequately plan, budget, forecast, and communicate the state of operations of the organization.

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