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Enterprise Resource Planning.Customer Relationship Management.

MagnaSuite offers a complete management system that aids businesses to run its processes efficiently with the help of advanced technology.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) gathers and organizes your business’ data across its other departments and stores in a centralized database. This uses Business Intelligence (BI) to analyze your business data.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) manages your customers’ data to serve existing customers better while attracting new potential customers.

Integrating Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in a single system helps your business grow by boosting its productivity.

MagnaSuite allows management to access their business data anywhere through their mobile devices.

With MagnaSuite being a portable business management system, your company will have efficient processes that will boost productivity and ensure the company’s growth.


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Is MagnaSuite easy to use? Can I use it?

MagnaSuite is simple and easy to use. It is designed to be used by people from non-IT and non-accounts background as well.

Can someone guide me how to use MagnaSuite?

No worries! MagnaSuite is so simple that you will comfortably use it. With simple and consistent navigation, by just learning once to create a ledger, voucher or navigating to a report, you will be able to use it completely by applying the same steps.

What is the process for setting up MagnaSuite?

Our trusted advisors can help you set up MagnaSuite. All you need is 3 quick Steps
1) Download
2) Install
3) Start transacting.

Is MagnaSuite to be used by an accountant only?

No. Management and business owners use MagnaSuite to track the business’ performance. Accounts department captures and maintains data in a more organized way, which should be used by decision-makers to make informed business decisions.

What business processes can I handle with MagnaSuite?

MagnaSuite is an integrated business management software. You can manage Accounting, Inventory, Statutory and compliance, Banking, Payroll and various other processes.

Can I access business reports on my mobile?

MagnaSuite supports real-time secure access to important business reports from a web browser to a mobile device. You can access your data on-the-go.

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